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When do I need a lawyer for my Workers Comp claim?

When can I handle my own Workers’ Comp case? As a general rule, you may be able to represent yourself if the injuries sustained at work are relatively minor. For example, if you expect to be back to work doing your job with no restrictions, and there is no permanent disability caused to your body as a result of the injury at work. But even in a fairly straightforward situation, it’s a good idea to contact a Workers Compensation attorney to talk about your case. The attorney can explain the process, alert you about any complication down the line and give you an honest opinion of whether you can represent yourself. Also, speaking to an attorney can ensure that your case is on the right path from the beginning. Keep in mind that it is easier for an attorney to gather evidence and push your case in the right direction early in your claim. When should I hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney? If your injuries are severe enough to permanently alter your life, a workers’ compensation lawyer might be able to get you proper treatment and obtain benefits you’re entitled to. Severe injuries can mean a number of different things, including permanent bodily impairment caused by the accident suffered at work or a change in the ability to perform your job. If any of the statements below applies, you should immediately contact an attorney: · Your injuries require of surgery.

· Your employer doesn’t have Workers’ Compensation insurance. · Your injuries are severe enough that your doctor believes your health won’t return to the condition prior to the accident. · You have pre-existing disabilities. · The insurance denied your claim. · You feel you are not receiving the proper medical treatment or benefits. · You believe you can’t work on regular basis on any other job. · You don’t feel comfortable with the Worker’s Compensation process and would rather have an expert handle your claim. In reality there is no right or wrong reason, why you should or should not contact an attorney for your Workers’ Compensation injury. There is no up-front cost to retain an attorney. Attorney’s charge a percentage of what permanent disability benefits you receive. Insurance Companies have highly trained lawyers advising them every step of the way. Hiring or even talking to a seasoned Workers’ Comp attorney would only benefit you. If you have any questions or doubts about your Workers’ Compensation claim don’t hesitate to call a Workers’ comp attorney for a free consultation.

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