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4 Types Of Personal Injury Cases Everyone Should Know About

Thanks to endless TV ads, we all know that personal injury lawyers are out there. Most people also have a pretty good grasp of the most common types of injury that lead to these claims. However, there is a whole host of lesser-known personal injury types that you can also claim for.

Defective Products

There are numerous products that we rely upon every day. From household appliances like vacuum cleaners to entertainment products like TVs and game consoles, many products serve essential functions in our lives. But a single defect can make an otherwise perfectly safe product into a death trap.

When most people think of a personal injury attorney, they envisage them dealing with incidents that occur well away from home. But injuries due to faulty products can occur just about anywhere. Anyone who has been harmed by a defective product, whether it’s a medical device or a children’s toy, can make a personal injury claim.

Drone Injuries

The laws and regulations around flying drones are different throughout the United States. For example, in Massachusetts, there are no statewide rules regarding drones in effect. However, there are some restrictions within cities like Boston.

Drones are becoming an increasingly common sight. Both children and adults use drones for recreation and photography. Fortunately, drone injuries are rare, but they do occur. Because drone laws can vary so much, you need an attorney who is familiar with the landscape. For example, if you suffer a drone injury in Peabody, Massachusetts, Jason Stone Injury Lawyers Peabody MA is an excellent choice for representation.

Drug Injuries

Most Americans have at least one prescription drug that they take regularly. Whether this is an antidepressant, an antihistamine, a contraceptive pill, or even plain old aspirin, consumers rely upon a comprehensive safety system to ensure that their drugs are synthesized and dosed correctly.

Manufacturing issues, sabotage, or poor labeling can all potentially lead to severe harm for patients. People can have allergic reactions to just about anything. For any drug, there will be a group of people who react badly to it. However, if the drug is defective or its contents don’t match what the box says, you can file a personal injury claim. Defective drugs and medical devices can be extremely dangerous. You should always report a suspected bad batch.

Dog Bites

Every dog owner is responsible for the behavior of their pet. If your dog attacks or bites another person, you are liable for their injuries. It doesn’t matter whether the dog tries to attack you or just gives you a single unprovoked bite. If someone else’s dog harms you, you can claim for compensation.

If a dog bites you, you must get the injury checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. Dog’s mouths are full of bacteria. A single bite can develop into something much nastier if it is left untreated.

These are just some of the lesser-known types of personal injuries that people can claim compensation for. If you suffer any kind of harm, physical or emotional, due to someone else’s actions, you can often file a personal injury claim. Contact a personal injury attorney today to discuss your case.

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