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4 Ways a Lawyer Can Help After a Hit-and-Run

You’ve just been in a car accident and just when you thought your day couldn’t get any worse, the driver who crashed into you flees the scene leaving you with nothing in the way of meaningful information to go by that you could use to identify them and claim back expenses from their auto insurance policy. Being the victim of a hit-and-run on the road can be seriously stressful, time-consuming and downright upsetting, so if this is the position you’ve found yourself in, the best thing to do is hire a good car accident lawyer. What can a car accident attorney do for you right now?

Liaise with Your Insurance Company:

Unlike most consumers, car accident lawyers tend to be well-versed in insurance lingo and can speak to your insurance company on your behalf to ensure that they are working to ensure that everything works out in your favor. Without details of the other party involved in the collision, dealing with your insurance company to try and get the best settlement can be even more stressful. Your accident attorneys can provide you with expert representation when the insurance committee negotiates your compensation and help you get the best settlement.

Establish Liability:

Even if the accident was a hit-and-run, a good car accident lawyer knows how to gather enough evidence to establish liability. Your lawyer may be able to investigate in the local area, find witnesses, check traffic cameras and CCTV and more to help establish fault and perhaps even identify the party that fled the scene so that they and their insurance company can be contacted. A good attorney will have access to resources that you are unlikely to have that will allow them to gather as much information as possible about the event.

Understand the Laws and Regulations:

After being involved in a hit-and-run car accident, you’ll have other things to worry about like any injuries you may have sustained or having your vehicle repaired. Chances are, this is going to be a very confusing time for you especially if you are dealing with insurance policies, state laws and regulations. Working with a lawyer who specializes in cases that are similar to yours will be beneficial since you have somebody on your side who can explain all the jargon and ensure that everything is carried out correctly.

Court Representation:

Not all car accident claims run smoothly, or you might want to file a further claim for personal injury. If it comes to going to court, working with a good car accident lawyer means that you have somebody who is experienced to file the lawsuit on your behalf and go up against experienced legal teams to fight for your right and get you the compensation that you deserve in the courtroom. With a good lawyer by your side, insurance adjusters are more likely to offer you a fair settlement.

Being involved in an accident where the other party flees the scene is always going to be stressful for any driver. But don’t try to deal with it alone; a good car accident lawyer can help.

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