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5 Qualities to Look For in a Successful Family Lawyer

Of all the areas in legal practice, one of the hardest and most contentious is family law. Family law is what covers the legal proceedings behind very delicate issues such as divorce, annulment, child custody, domestic violence, and division of assets. When someone requests for legal assistance on any of these fronts, they’re bound to carry the weight of very human emotions: grief over ending a marital relationship, anger over being harmed, or anxiety over surrendering an asset of great value.

In cases like these, you’ll need the right family lawyer to be on your side. The best practitioners of family law are those who know what legal input is best for these matters—and what it is they should do to win justice, healing, and peace of mind for you and your family.

That said, you will want to look for the following qualities if you are choosing a family lawyer:

  1. Compassion and empathy for your situation. You’d demand professionalism from any lawyer, but you should look for something extra for cases under family law. If you feel comfortable sharing sensitive details with that attorney in the interest of your case and they demonstrate warmth and honesty while listening to you, then there is a strong case for hiring them.
  2. A clear payment structure for your legal fees. The battle ahead will be a costly one, and it may take months or even years to settle. Keep your finances in mind when hiring a family lawyer. Don’t forget to ask what hourly fees, flat fees, or additional fees you should expect to pay now and in the long run. Say yes to a family lawyer who is upfront with you and offers payment plans that are feasible for you given your circumstances.
  3. Experience in the legal practice area of family law. If you went to the hospital for a serious heart condition, you would only trust a specialist to know what to do about it. The same applies when choosing a family lawyer: you will definitely want someone who is experienced in that particular area. Only a seasoned practitioner will be able to tell you about the legal (as well as emotional) nuances of a family court case, such as what your ex-partner can use against you or what the possible outcomes of the legal proceedings will be. Hire an attorney who is listed by their firm as being an expert in family law—their knowledge will work to your
  4. Sound perspective on what your case actually needs. Every case filed in the family courts should have a concrete end goal behind it—either to divorce a former partner, to gain custody over children, to win the rights over an asset, or to seek a jail sentence for someone who has wrought grievous physical harm on a family member. The family lawyer you hire should be willing to advocate the best possible solution for such a goal, whether it’s an exhaustive trial or a settlement.
  5. Accessibility and communicativeness. These twin qualities are essential for a family lawyer, considering that you may need to keep in contact with them for a long period. If new developments come up in the case, or if you encounter any problems during the legal proceedings, you will want your lawyer to be responsive and timely in their actions. Hire one who can answer your calls and texts promptly, and who is not too overloaded with previous engagements to assist you in every step of your case.

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