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5 Tips for Every Motorcyclist

Extra caution should be taken when riding a motorcycle, especially on busy highways. Motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of accidents for three key reasons. One, the number of motorcycles on the road tend to be outnumbered by other vehicles. Two, due to their smaller size, at times it can be hard for other motorists to see them. Three, since these are two-wheeled vehicles, the chances of tripping where there are obstructions, uneven surfaces and when it’s raining heavily are higher. The higher risk, however, should not scare you from riding your motorcycle. You just have to be aware of the risks and take the necessary precautions when driving on the road to prevent accidents. Below are five tips every motorcyclist should know.

Work on Your Skills

A good number of motorcycle accidents are caused by inexperienced riders. Thus, before you take your motorcycle to the road, work on your skills. You should refrain from carrying any passengers until you have gained some experience. If you have to, take extra classes to improve your skill.

Ensure Your Motorcycle is in a Good Condition

Just like cars, you should not drive your motorcycle if it has any mechanical issues. When you ride a motorcycle that has issues, you increase your chances of getting into an accident and injuring yourself and other drivers. Have your motorcycle serviced at least once per year. You may require more regular checks if you ride your motorcycle often. Most importantly, make sure you have insurance coverage. Insurance is a legal requirement and it comes in handy when accidents happen.

Stay Alert

Don’t ride your motorcycle when you are sleepy, dizzy or under the influence of anything, and make sure you stay alert at all times. Avoid answering your phone or texting while riding as one simple distraction can lead to a fatal accident. When you are alert, it will be easy to act when something goes wrong.

Follow Motorcycle Safety Guidelines by NHTSA and Other Bodies

In addition to the information you get from your motorcycle training class, occasionally look through the NHTSA website and other sites offering valuable information for riders and tips on how to stay safe on the road. You can also consider motorcycle safety and defensive driving classes to help grow your skills and boost your safety while on the road.

Seek Legal Help When you are Hit or When You Hit Someone

If you are hit and injured by another motorist in Las Vegas, talk to a personal injury attorney Las Vegas. Don’t accept any settlement offers from the insurance companies or give them any details before you seek help from an attorney who is experienced in handling motorcycle accidents. Where you think you might have been at the fault driver, it’s still advisable to talk to your attorney before making any decision.

Don’t run away from the scene of the accident, as this may land you into more trouble. Make sure the incident is recorded by the relevant authorities and seek counsel from a reputable attorney.



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