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Advantages of Mass Tort Lawsuits on Bad Drugs

Mass tort lawsuits on harmful drugs allow numerous people who have suffered injuries due to the use of defective medications to seek compensation. The lawsuit allows several people to hold the pharmaceutical company producing the harmful drugs to be held accountable in a court of law.

The lawsuits affect several people in a particular region or globally. The number of plaintiffs in such a case allows the case to be reliable, enhancing the faster spread of the information. If the plaintiffs win the case, they can force the manufacturer to recall the harmful drug or improve it.

Some of the drugs that have consolidated cases include prilosec. The court can view the prilosec recall history in the determination of the cases.

Advantages of these types of lawsuits include:

  • You could receive compensation -if you were injured due to the use of the defective drug the manufacturer of the product needs to compensate you. The best way to obtain compensation is to file your case through mass torts as it will receive more attention than a personal lawsuit.
  • The pharmaceutical company is held accountable-complains by numerous people raises concerns about a specific drug. The FDA seeks to investigate if the multiple lawsuits are factual. If the FDA discovers that the manufacture has concealed essential details that are harmful to the users, they can call for the recall of the drug. The court can authorize the company to make the drugs safe for consumption.
  • The public becomes aware of the defective drug-mass torts raises mass awareness about the danger of using a specific drug.
  • Mass torts are less costly-filing for personal injury claim against a company through consolidated cases is less expensive as you share the costs of the case with thousands of claimants.

Do mass torts protect drug consumers?

Numerous drug manufacturing companies are profit-oriented and tend not to disclose the drug’s dangers to the consumers. In most instances, the manufacturers knowingly produce drugs with harmful products such as carcinogenic products.

Filing mass torts ensures that other consumers don’t suffer injuries due to the defective drug. The companies are also forced to recall faulty products from the market, thus saving numerous lives.

In most cases, dangers concerning drugs produced with harmful products are concealed from the public, and only mass torts help publicize such information.  The lawsuits will help identify if the company knew about the product’s defectives or were not aware.

If the company knew about the dangers the drug imposes to the users, it needs to compensate all the plaintiffs in the mass torts. However, the plaintiffs need to show evidence that the drug is the direct attribute of the injuries suffered by the user of the drug—also, there is need to prove that the defective drug causes harm to your personal life.


Filing mass torts is the cheapest and most effective method to obtain compensation for losses suffered due to injuries by defective drugs. The mass torts force the company to recall the drug or incorporate better policies to ensure its safety.

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