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Charged with DWI? A Good Rochester NY Lawyer Will Save You

Lots of people drink and drive at least once a week. Aside from being a danger for themselves, they are also a danger for other drivers. The best advice that anyone can give you is to never drive while you’re intoxicated.

However, if you have been drinking and driving and you got involved in an accident, you may face some serious charges and sentence. Also, if a police officer pulls you over and thinks you’re drunk, you need to know exactly what to do in order to avoid being charged and even go to jail.

The best option is to have a DWI lawyer in the car with you. Since this is pretty much impossible, the next best option is to have a previously contracted lawyer that will be available for you 24/7 and come to the scene as fast as possible.

Lawyers usually have a working time that is just like the one of other regular people. They work from 9 to 5 but if you make a special agreement, they’ll be available for you at any time of the day and night. If not, then they’ll come first thing in the morning.

In order for the attorney to be able to help, you need to know some basic things about getting pulled over. First, you need to know your rights and use them for your own benefit. If not, the police officer will try to make you incriminate yourself so they have a clear DWI or DUI case.

You should know that you have certain obligations toward the law and the police in a situation like this, but you also have some rights. Your obligations are to give your license and registration when asked for and also say clearly your ID number and insurance. However, you’re under no obligation whatsoever to answer any other question concerning your private life.

If the officer sees that you might be drunk, they’ll probably ask you if you’ve been drinking. You don’t have to answer this. If you’re asked to get out of the car and do the sobriety test, you also don’t need to do this. Actually, every lawyer will advise you that if you’ve been drinking and you’re sure that the test will show over 0.08% BAC it’s smarter to be arrested than talking to the police officer. If you don’t how much this number really is, see this link.

Why is this? Because once the judge sees that your case is clear and you incriminated yourself, there’s not much the lawyer can do. But, if you didn’t say anything and took the test in the police station, your attorney has a wide variety of options to object and find a way out of it.

If the police officer writes in the report that you admitted you’ve been drinking, you may face some serious charges. If an accident was a part of the case, or if the level was way above the limit of 0.08% you might even have to spend time in jail. A good Rochester lawyer might not be able to get you out of all this, but will surely do anything in their power to lower the sentence.

It’s a smart move to hire this kind of lawyer before anything happens and it’s even smarter to take the advice they will give you very seriously. The approach toward the police officer might save you a lot of money and even save you from jail. Chances are big you’ll have to hand over your license for some time, but at least the lawyer will help you with the other things.


Getting caught DWI will cost you a lot unless you follow some simple rules. If you lose your focus and incriminate yourself when you’re pulled over, the attorney won’t be able to do anything. If you do what we mentioned previously, the lawyer will surely get you out of jail and probably lower the sentence. See here some of the possible outcomes:

Not every lawyer can do this though. You need to find an experienced attorney with a good record that is specialized in DWI and DUI cases. If your guy is among the best, and your actions are in line with the advice they gave you, then getting away without a sentence is most probable.

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