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Involved In A Slip And Fall Accident? Here’s What To Do

Have you ever heard about a slip and fall lawsuit? Well, perhaps you never knew that such a lawsuit exists, but it sure does. Accidents do occur, and mostly at unexpected times, even in our own premises. A slip and fall lawsuit is one that is filed when you slip and fall under someone else’s premises due to negligence. Say you were walking into a business meeting early in the morning and found cleaning still going on, but no signboards were showing you that the floor is slippery or cleaning is going on, and you fell. This might be a good example and makes you eligible for filing such a lawsuit. With that said, here is what you need to do when you get involved in a slip and fall accident;

  1. Check for injuries

Slip and fall accidents vary from minor to major ones. Sometimes, you might fall and only get a slight injury, while at times, you might even end up breaking a bone somewhere. The first thing you want to do is to check if you are injured. If so, seek medical treatment immediately. If you are unable to stand up, call for help from anyone around as this may save your life. Remember, your life is more important than anything else.

  1. Collect evidence

If you feel like the accident was due to negligence, then it is imperative always to collect evidence that will come in handy when filing for the slip and fall lawsuit. If possible, ensure that you take photos of where the accident happened and your injuries too. Make sure you do this as not having the evidence may mean that the company may fail to compensate you. If you are not in a position to do so due to the injuries, ask some witnesses to help you collect the evidence. Also, if there is a CCTV camera around, follow up, and get the actual footage of the accident.

  1. Report the accident to the property managers

Ensure that you report the accident to the property managers to keep them on the know. If you are going to file for the lawsuit, do not discuss much with them as most will not want to take responsibility for the accident. Let them know what happened, and if possible, they can run the CCTV footage to have a clear picture. After that, request them to write a written report of the accident as this will also be needed during the lawsuit processes.

  1. Talk to your slip and fall attorney

After following the steps as mentioned above, talk to your Richmond slip and fall lawyer. Let them know exactly what happened during the accident and send them the evidence that you collected too. Keep in mind that slip and fall accident lawsuits are not the easiest to handle, and you can only be compensated if you provide your slip and fall lawyer with enough evidence of the same for them to represent you accordingly.

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