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The Basics of Bail Process In Oakland California

When a criminal suspect gets arrested, some procedures should be followed. The suspect is first taken to the police custody and then it is determined whether he will be released or not. The suspect gets released after posting a certain amount of money, which is called the bail. The bail is the money that is deposited to the court to ensure that the person will return to the court when the court wants. If the defendant returns to the court as required, the bail amount will be returned at the end of the proceeding. But, if the defendant does not visit the court when required, he means to violate the bail conditions. The bail will be forfeited, and the amount will not be returned.

The Pre-Bail Service and Booking

The bail process in Oakland begins with the arrest and the booking of bail. Once the arrested person has sent to the jail, the police will search for the illegal drugs and weapons, take the fingerprints and ask for the statement. They will also take the personal belongings that are retained by the jailer. The defendant is then allowed to make calls and request for the bail services. Once the bail gets posted, the defendant will enter into the contract and agree to visit the court during the scheduled dates. In case of any bail bonds in Oakland, the bail agent should be paid 10% premium of the bail amount in advance.

The booking process for bail involves-

  1. Collection of personal information of the suspect
  2. Recording information about the alleged crime from the suspect
  3. Performing a search about the criminal background of the suspect
  4. Taking the fingerprinting, photographing and searching the suspects
  5. Checking the personal items from the suspect
  6. Putting the suspect in the local jail.

Know how the bail paperwork is done

Most of the people do not know about the types of documents that are required for making the bail bonds. The candidate who is buying the bail bond should sign some of the important paperwork. The documents that are required in the bail to proceed are the bail bond application, the bail indemnity agreement and the receipt of the same. If all these documents for bail are signed, the bail can be posted, and the defendant should get released from the jail.

Posting the bail

The posting of the bail is the procedure that involves paying some amount of money that the court has determined to secure the release. It can be done in various ways-

  1. Paying the bail amount in cash or check
  2. Sign over the ownership rights that contains the cash value which is equal or exceeds the bail amount
  3. Giving the bond in the full amount to the jail
  4. Sign the statement that promises the defendant will visit the court when ordered.

However, if the defendant does not show up to the court as ordered on a particular day, the bail bond agency will then track and present him to court within the specific time. If the charges get dropped and the defendant is not found guilty, the name of the person mentioned on the receipt will get the money.

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