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What documents do you need for a medical malpractice case?

A medical malpractice claim can be filed by either the victim or family members if the victim succumbs from malpractice. One of the hardest types of injuries to prove are the ones resulting from medical malpractice because they may also attract a number of experts such as specialized doctors or even pathologists. That is why it is always imperative that you seek the services of a Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer who can identify the experts needed to help you prove negligence and consequently win the case.

The best thing that can happen to you after suffering from the hands of either a rogue or reckless doctor is indemnification to pay for the financial losses, physical and psychological pain, and the loss of income. If you ever get yourself in such a situation, please note that your attorney will need the following documents:

  • Medical records

The medical records are the most important documents that you must have because they will prove a doctor-patient relationship between the accused and the victim. Remember, there cannot be a medical malpractice lawsuit if the doctor-patient link cannot be established.

  • Medical bills

Medical bills will demonstrate the amount of money that you’ve lost only to get quack medical services. It will help your lawyer to estimate the value of the claim, especially if you had to dig into personal expenses.

  • Photos of the injured person before and after the incident

Having photos as evidence is quite crucial because it instantly paints the picture of the human toll caused on the patient by the doctor’s negligence. However, not everyone may be privileged to have photograph evidence because, in the beginning, you never thought of taking them since you didn’t see the situation ending up this way. Moreover, we all go to hospitals with the hope of recovering or at least feeling batter, and not to be deformed.

  • Insurance correspondence

Before getting a company like Wilt & Thompson, PLLC, you must notify either the insurer or the doctor on the allegations through formal communication as that evidence will be needed later. That is why it is advisable that you only do written communication, even it is through the internet. However, if there is no such evidence, then you must notify your lawyer immediately so that you can swear an affidavit depending on what you said to the insurer or doctor by word of mouth.

  • Tax returns or payslip

Lastly, you may need to issue a couple of your latest copies of tax returns or payslips to demonstrate income loss.  Remember, after suffering from medical malpractice, there is a high chance that your life may never be the same again because it can actually involve permanent disability. Therefore, it may not be possible to supervise your business as before or attend the nine to five works. At the end of the day, your family still needs to feed, and you also need to pay utility bills. The same can be necessary in the case of wrongful death, where dependants are hugely affected by the loss of the breadwinner. A medical malpractice lawyer will need tax returns and payslips for these purposes.

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