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When Your Insurance Refuses Your Disability Insurance Claim

We all think that we are covered for those accidents and events that we hope never to happen to us. But what happens when you become injured and disabled, and your insurance provider refuses to pay out on your claim?

You Must Find a Lawyer Immediately

As soon as your long term disability insurance claim is officially rejected it is best to file a lawsuit immediately as you do not want to run out of time. You should make sure that you choose a lawyer who specializes in disability claims of this nature and they will file for you. Check out their website and make sure you are happy that they can provide the service that you need. Look for videos or statements from previous clients who have been in the same position as you and have achieved a great end result.

What Will Happen Next?

The insurance company will get a defense attorney to present their case at the hearing. You need someone who knows what lines they will use to prevent them from paying up so that they can build your counter argument. A case management conference will be set up after some initial intervention meetings where an agreement could be met to avoid going to court.

If it goes to court then each party will argue their case, they will both stress why they think you should or should not receive payment and it all might get quite heated in there. The law firm that you have chosen will establish how much they believe you will have lost in benefits and they will fight to get you the amount that they believe is fair.

What to Do Whilst You Wait for a Court Date

If your case must go in front of a judge, if no mediation settlement is made, then you may have some time on your hands until you get the set date for the proceedings. Throughout this time, you must listen to your lawyer’s advice and follow their instructions. You should continue with your medical treatment as this proves that you are still having problems and you cannot neglect your health. Make sure that you do not contact the insurance company, even though it may be tempting, as this could jeopardize your case. It is also recommended that you tell very few people about what is happening, perhaps a long-term partner or trusted family friend if you need to talk but preferably no one at all. Do not bear your ills on social media as this could really harm your case and could be used against you. Try and stay under the radar in all ways until this claim is sorted out for you, you do not want anything to go against you on that day in court.

The right lawyer will fight for your future and appreciate all that you can lose if they do not get you a good settlement. They know this complicated world inside and out and they will get you what you deserve so that you can get on with your life.

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