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Injury amount, is the legal issue. This means that you automatically get compensated at the time of accident. The fellowship comprises what you and your insurance company each own at the time of contract, and what you acquire later, unless it is made special. The fellowship ceases by settlement, accident, separation or death. At the expiry of the fortified community, each of the spouses’ assets and liabilities must be calculated and the insurance company thus receives their respective deals. To the extent that a living place is positive, half of the value is handed to the other spouse. In  you will find the details now. There are more in marriage issues as well.

What is peculiarity?

Peculiarity is a fortune scheme. It can be created either by marriage between you and your spouse or by a third party, eg. Your parents are in connection with giving you a gift or inheritance. If you have a peculiarity, it means that you do not have to divide that part of your fortune, which is made special in connection with a divorce. Whether you need to share your peculiarity in connection with death depends on what kind of peculiarity you have – read more below.

By creating a peculiarity, one can accurately determine the sharing of wealth that is found to be fair. Parents are most often created by couples who at the time of marriage have significant differences between their wealth. For example, if one has started his own business that he wishes to keep in the event of a divorce. There are different kinds of particularities that will be discussed below

What can be peculiar?

If you and your spouse want to create a peculiarity, you must decide what specialty should include. You can choose to create pure peculiarity, so that everything you own at the time of marriage and future acquirer must be peculiar. In case of a change, you should not divide your fortune with the other spouse. If you do not want pure peculiarity, there are different forms of partial peculiarity. You can thus choose the following special forms, which can also be combined:

  • A peculiarity for everything you own at this time.
  • A peculiarity for everything you receive in inheritance or gift from a third party.
  • A peculiarity for a fraction, such that for example. 60% is special and 40% common.
  • A peculiarity about an object, for example. a real estate or a business.
  • A peculiarity for a cash sum. This is only allowed if the amount is associated with an asset, for example. The first $ 400,000 of the value in your house must be your peculiarity

The different types of peculiarities

The type of charity deals with the legal effect of the particular thing. All forms of specialty are based on divorce, and it is not possible to create a peculiarity without having a distinction with divorce and divorce.

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