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Start Your Job Search In The Last Year Of Law School


The third year of law school is the ideal time for students to begin their job search. The first job out of law school can provide an important springboard into a long and successful legal career, but securing the right job takes substantial preparation. Getting a head start with the assistance of a legal recruiter could be the advantage you need in this intensely competitive job market.

Preparing for Interviews

Legal organizations of every kind eventually require new talent, but law students need to be able to properly demonstrate the professional capacities of their education, their familiarity with the latest rulings and issues, and their research skills. A legal recruiter can provide a new law graduate with the specialized preparation that will help them to stand above the competition.

By their third year, law students usually start to compile a portfolio of their personal information and qualifications in preparation for the job search. Around the same time, more serious students will decide to get help from legal recruiters in order to make sure they’ve successfully exhausted every possibility in preparing for the job market.

Legal recruiters can provide valuable tips at this time. For example, the third year may offer a chance to improve an academic concentration and increase one’s chances of landing the specific type of clerkship opportunity they desire.

Matching Applicants with the Right Firm

Employers that seek to hire legal talent naturally look to the leading law schools. Law schools produce legal scholars at all levels of study – from the basic law degree through to doctoral level specializations, but a thorough search of the job market goes beyond merely looking at the top graduates from a few schools.

Law firms realize this need and hire legal recruiters to search for applicants with capabilities to match their mandates. Firms that contact a legal recruiter to match them with top applicants stand to benefit from the expertise of a specialist with a long record of successful recruitment.

Expert Advice

Just as legal organizations specialize in the services they deliver to their clients, legal recruiters apply their specialized skills to finding the ideal candidates to match those firms. While applicants may be recent graduates, many graduates have significant life, business and legal experience. Modern law education emphasizes clinical settings and real-world experience.

Many students enter law school after obtaining substantial career experience, while some graduates find jobs despite having little experience at all. Articling rules help to provide a level playing field, but an individual’s initiative matters most in the hiring process. Since legal recruiters work with both law firms and new applicants, they provide better opportunities for new graduates seeking a perfect starting position – no matter what their experience.

Law students in their third year gain an advantage by securing offers suited to their career goals. Recruiting can help employers and applicants alike in the effort to match excellent talent with great legal positions. Recruiters only achieve success when both employers and applicants reach their goals.

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