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How to Prove Accountability and Win Your Dog Bite Injury Case

Hundreds of US citizens are killed by dog attacks each year, with over 800,000 people receiving medical treatment for dog bite wounds. If you have been a victim of a dog bite, it’s only fair that you get compensation for your injuries. To strengthen your case and win your claim, you need to know how to prove that the dog owner is at fault and liable for your injuries and losses.

Here is a guide on how to prove accountability for your dog bite injury and build a credible personal injury case against the dog’s owner.

Call 911

In the immediate aftermath of a dog attack, you must call 911 and let them know that you have been injured. Make sure that you ask for medical assistance and inform the dispatcher if the dog isn’t under control. Depending on your situation, the operator may dispatch an ambulance, police, and animal control. Don’t be afraid to contact the police, especially as the report can be used as evidence in your claim.

Seek Medical Help

If the ambulance does not transport you directly to the hospital, you should still seek medical attention for treating your dog bite. Whether you make an appointment with your doctor or visit an urgent care center, you must have a medical professional examine your injuries. They will provide treatment to help speed up your recovery and you can obtain your medical records to act as evidence.

Contact Animal Control

If the 911 dispatcher you contact doesn’t alert animal control, you must report the attack yourself to your local animal control unit. This will involve an investigator who will speak to the dog’s owner for evidence of current rabies vaccinations. Animal control officers are allowed to test the dog for viruses and rabies, issue citations to the dog owner, and command the owner to confine, muzzle, or leash their dog.

Gather Evidence

Photographs, the dog owner’s information, and witness statements are critical evidence for strengthening your case. Make sure that you take photos and videos of the dog, any bite marks, and where the attack took place. Throughout your recovery period and medical treatment, you must continue to obtain evidence as every bit of information you gather together can help you build a reliable and strong dog bite injury claim.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

To win your dog bite injury claim, you must contact a personal injury lawyer who specializes in dog bites like Farris, Riley & Pitt LLP. Your lawyer will guide you through the process and let you know what kind of evidence will be needed for your case. Make sure that you file your claim straight away and avoid contacting the other party. Doing so may damage your case and result in you getting no compensation.

While we’re a nation of dog lovers, depending on the breed and how well trained they are, some dogs can cause serious injuries to humans. If you have received a dog bite, you must follow the advice above which will help you win your case.

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