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Commercial Truck Accidents

There are numerous risks associated with operating a commercial truck. These include Rollovers, Jackknife accidents, Sideswipe accidents, and Vicarious liability. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in a commercial truck accident, contact an experienced commercial truck accident attorney today.

Jackknife accidents

Jackknife accidents in commercial trucks can cause devastating consequences. They can lead to catastrophic casualties and even death. If you are involved in such a crash, you should contact a New York City personal injury attorney to help you seek compensation for your injuries.

The most common causes of jackknife truck accidents are speeding and failing to brake properly. These two problems can be prevented if you pay attention to the road conditions and follow proper braking techniques.

Another common cause of jackknife crashes is poor vehicle management. If you are unsure of how to handle a jackknife accident, the FMCSA has tips to help you. For example, if you are driving a commercial truck, you should leave early so that you don’t have to drive too fast on wet roads.

Rollover accidents

Commercial truck rollover accidents can be devastating to both the driver and the other motorists on the road. These massive trucks can cause massive damage and destruction. They are often used to transport hazardous materials.

Rollovers happen because of many factors. Driver errors are one of the leading causes. The driver must be able to recognize the risks of the conditions around him. A driver should not be overly aggressive with other drivers or with other vehicles on the road.

One of the most common truck driver errors is understeering. If the driver turns too sharply, the trailer can flip over. Another common error is acceleration.

Speed is a contributing factor in nearly half of all rollovers. Trucks need to slow down if they are traveling at a low speed on a curve.

Sideswipe accidents

Sideswipe accidents occur when one vehicle is traveling in a direction and another travels in the same direction. In most cases, both drivers are unaware of the sideswipe accident. However, they still have to react to it. The result is a sudden loss of control and a crash.

Depending on the vehicles involved in the collision, the damage can vary. While a side-swipe with a large truck can be devastating, it is not always easy to determine who is at fault for the incident.

Some factors that increase the risk of sideswipe accidents are driver inattention and fatigue. Distracted drivers may be using a GPS console, texting, talking on a cell phone, or messing with the radio. They may also be driving in unsafe lane changes or changing lanes without signaling.

Medical exam requirements for truck drivers

If you’ve been in a commercial truck accident, the first step to getting back on the road is to get a medical exam. These tests are designed to detect medical conditions that might impair your ability to drive safely.

The federal government has made it mandatory for commercial truck drivers to undergo a medical examination every two years. Drivers who fail to meet the requirements for a medical certificate can face civil penalties.

Truck drivers have to be physically healthy in order to be eligible for CDL certification. Besides the standard tests, such as vision, hearing, and electrocardiograms, drivers must also get a general wellness examination. This includes checking reflexes and blood pressure.

If the examiner finds a condition that will impair a driver’s ability to operate a commercial motor vehicle, the driver is medically unqualified. Depending on the condition, a driver may have to undergo additional testing or treatment.

Vicarious liability

Vicarious liability is an important legal principle that enables you to recover compensation if you are injured in a commercial truck accident. You can sue a driver for damages, as well as his employer. Depending on the situation, you may also be able to recover compensation from the trucking company.

You might also want to learn about driver and company liability for commercial truck accidents.

In order to prove vicarious liability, you will need to show that the other party had a duty to act in certain circumstances and that the company breached that duty. If you are not sure whether or not your case is covered by vicarious liability, you may consider seeking the advice of a Boulder trucking accident attorney.

A lot of commercial trucks are on the road these days, and accidents can be catastrophic. Many victims are not aware of exactly how the truck driver caused the accident. Others may be unsure of the monetary value of their compensation.

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