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Moves That Will Favor Your Car Accident Claim

You never know when you will get involved in an accident. No one looks forward to it anyway. However, you need to keep in mind that no matter how meticulous of a driver you are, you might find yourself in the middle of a fender bender. That is why you need to be prepared. It all starts by getting auto insurance so that you can get your car back on the road after an accident.

Car accident claims are common. Most owners get settled when they have a bad day on the road. This, however, does not mean that they get the settlement they deserve. This can be blamed on their lack of knowledge of the things they should do after an accident to build a strong case. Here are some tips for you.

  1. Call a car accident attorney

Unless you have been in a similar situation before, you will not know how to handle the case. That is why you need to have a car accident attorney from Kohan &Bablove, LLP, on speed dial. Car accident attorneys will help you in several ways. For one, they will provide you with on-the-spot advice on what you should do and what to avoid. A car accident attorney will also give direction depending on the severity of the accident.

In other cases, an investigation needs to be done to establish how the car accident occurred. A car accident lawyer has the resources required to investigate in order to provide an accident reconstruction expert with useful information.

  1. Get medical attention

One of the ways you can protect your claim is by getting medical care. Do not wait for more than 14 days to see a doctor: the earlier, the better. Remember that you will have to prove to the insurance company that the accident was responsible for injuries, and you had to spend a certain amount of money to get medical attention. Failure to do so might lead to the loss of physical injury claim. The insurance adjuster might insist your bodily harm is a result of a different accident.

Your medical records will provide essential details for your case. These include the nature of the injuries, duration of treatment, documentation of pain and suffering, and the charges incurred.

  1. Getting a police report

A police report will contain information that will be useful to your Orange County car accident lawyer in reaching a settlement for you. Information such as the weather at the time of accident, date, and witnesses can be useful for negotiations. Also, the report will be used alongside medical records and vehicle damage to paint a full picture of the extent of the damage that took place.

What you do after a car accident will determine how strong your case will be. Consult an attorney in order to get direction on the same. The first thing you should do in the event of an accident is to call a car accident attorney, the police, and get medical attention

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