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3 Steps to Take When a Loved One is Arrested

Few things are more upsetting than a close friend or family member being arrested. In the wake of such an event, nerves are frayed, resolve is shaken and stress levels are off the charts. This is particularly true for people dealing with this type of thing for the first time. If you’re inexperienced with matters pertaining to law enforcement, fear and confusion are likely to abound. Still, as scary as things may seem, there are numerous steps you can take to make the experience less daunting for everyone involved.

  1. Encourage Them to Seek Representation

When an arrested love one first reaches out, encourage them to maintain their composure and seek legal representation. After all, they have the right to an attorney, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t take advantage of it. Secondly, urge them to abstain from divulging too much information over the phone. If the call is being monitored, they may wind up inadvertently incriminating themselves, so encourage them to hold off on speaking to the police until they have an attorney present. In the aftermath of an arrest, the temptation to speak to police ASAP can be overwhelming, particularly if the suspect believes everything to be a giant misunderstanding. Regardless of how convinced your loved one is of their innocence; they should hold off on sharing their story until an attorney has been secured.

  1. Find the Right Attorney

The right lawyer can mean the difference between a conviction and acquittal. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you find an attorney you and your loved one can count on, particularly if the latter stands accused of a serious crime. For best results, limit your options to attorneys who are experienced in this type of case and have a proven track record of winning. Additionally, if money is an issue, look for a lawyer who’s sympathetic to your situation and is willing to work out a manageable payment plan with you.

  1. Seek Out a Reliable Bond Service

Depending on what your loved one stands accused of, their bail may be fairly expensive. Unsurprisingly, many families can’t afford to pay exorbitant bail fees all at once. If this describes your situation, seek out a dependable bail bond service. When shopping around for the right one, look for services that provide around-the-clock availability, reasonable rates and personable representatives. The sooner you secure a bail bond, the sooner your loved one can come home and begin mounting their defense. Golden State residents are sure to appreciate the easy availability of bail bonds in Huntington Beach.

Learning that someone you care about has been taken into police custody can be a tremendously upsetting experience. While taking stock of your emotions in the immediate aftermath can be difficult, doing so will ultimately help you get a handle on the situation. Furthermore, learning the essential steps that need to be taken in the wake of an arrest can ensure that you’re well-prepared to help any friends or family members who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

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