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How to Apply For an Asylum in The UK

If you are eligible, it is possible to stay in the UK after seeking asylum. For this purpose, you have to prove that you are under a threat of being persecuted in your own country and it is not possible for you to go back to your homeland. An essential factor to keep in mind while seeking asylum from outside the UK is that you have to apply for any type of visa for instance, study, work or family visa. You must apply for an asylum after entering the UK and prove that it is unsafe for you to return to your own country. You may also avail free immigration advice in this context. Screening If you are coming to the UK for an asylum, you should declare this fact to the Border Force officer. After registering your application, you will be screened. For those who are living in the UK at the time of seeking asylum, they must obtain an appointment with the screening unit. You should provide all the necessary documents for the application at the time of screening. If you have any dependants such as partner and children under 18, bring them also at the time of screening. Registering the Asylum Claim The processing of registering the asylum claim is completed at the screening unit. The screening process involves following factors.

Biometric data is obtained i.e fingerprints and photograph An interview is conducted to verify your identification The asylum interview is conducted after screening process is complete. The application will cease to proceed further if you don’t appear in an asylum interview. You will receive direction as what to do during the pendency of your decision, for instance, you may be asked to report to the relevant caseworker at regular intervals. You can get legal free immigration advice regarding any particular issues while applying for an asylum. Decision Normally it would take almost 6 months to decide a case for asylum. The time period may exceed in case of any complications such as: Verification of supporting documents Need to appear in more than one interview Verification regarding personal circumstances i.e criminal record Permission to Stay The applicant and the dependants may be awarded a permission to stay in the UK for 5 years after the grant of asylum. This particular status is known as ‘leave to remain’. You may apply for settlement in the UK after these five years depending on the circumstances. On the other hand, the applicant may also seek permission to live in the UK as a refugee or on humanitarian grounds. If you failed to receive the asylum and there is no other option given, the only option you have is to leave the UK. Legal representation Like any other immigration procedure, you may engage a legal representative to handle your case while applying for an asylum. You can also get free immigration advice regarding asylum process or refusal of the application. For instance, you can bring a legal representative with you during an interview so that you can plead your case in a professional manner.

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