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Why, as an Employer, You Need a Workplace Accident Attorney

Unfortunate little accidents that lead to serious injuries can and do occur in any workplace. While most of these accidents don’t result in lawsuits, there are some instances when an employer can benefit from hiring a workplace accident attorney. Keep reading below to find out why, as an employer, you need a workplace accident attorney:

Business Rights and Responsibilities

Running a business involves some critical responsibilities. One of the main responsibilities of any employer is to maintain the health and safety of their employees.

Any accident that occurs in the workplace, or during company time, is the employer’s responsibility. This includes injuries sustained while traveling, training, and during break times. Employers are legally responsible for eliminating any hazards that might lead to the death or serious injury of an employee.

However, in some instances, employers will not have any legal liability when accidents occur. For example, when substance abuse led to the accident occurring. A workplace accident attorney can help businesses understand their rights and responsibilities. Firms like Robert Wilson & Associates work with both employers and employees in Minnesota. They have the experience to fight for your rights and they work hard to make sure you don’t suffer financially.

Common Workplace Injuries

The risk of injury within a business will depend on the company and the industry. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Overexertion – this includes lifting, carrying, pushing, holding or pulling heavy weights. This is the most common type of workplace injury.
  • Slip and fall injuries – most types of slips, fall and trip injuries are preventable, but this is still the second biggest cause of accidents in the workplace
  • Vehicle accident – proper training should be provided to reduce the chances of injury or death occurring on the road
  • Machine entanglement – lots of businesses use heavy machinery in the workplace. Entanglement accidents can occur when clothing, fingers, hair or shoes are caught in the equipment.

Why Your Business Might Need a Workplace Accident Attorney

Despite the fact that the majority of workers’ compensation insurance claims are resolved without an attorney, there are a few occasions when businesses can benefit from hiring an accident attorney:

  • Your business doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance – if your business doesn’t have the required compensation insurance, then it’s a good idea to talk to an attorney for advice. Employers who do not have the correct insurance in place can be held liable for medical costs and could face lawsuits and state penalties.
  • Your employee rejects their rights to benefits – an employee who accepts a settlement or benefit package will usually waive their rights to sue the business, but many employees choose to reject these benefits and pursue litigation instead.
  • Your employee appeals the claim decision – employees are able to appeal workers’ compensation claims that are rejected. If they choose to do this, it’s advisable for businesses to hire a workplace accident attorney.

If one of your employees has an accident while at work, you may wonder if you should hire a lawyer to help assist you with any workers’ compensation related matters. Workplace accident attorneys can help you to understand your rights and responsibilities and will help ensure your business doesn’t suffer financially.

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